ADDYS 2009 - AAF Central Minnesota

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Atomic Age Meets Addy

Bright, vibrant and optimistic, advertising from the late 1950s established the cultural context for an entire generation. Fifty years later, we’re in a “transitional time” and could use a little inspiration from the advent of the golden age of advertising. This year as we gather our local advertising community to give each other a few pats on the back, we ask that you take a long look back. Not just over your shoulder at the work created the previous year—but way back, 50 years, to the era that made our industry what it is today.

2009 ADDY® Awards

Saturday, February 21, 2009
5:30pm – Social and viewing of work
7:30pm – Awards presentation

— Regency Plaza —
912 West Saint Germain Street
Map / Directions

To request tickets, please contact Mandy Wolvert.

Download the official Invitation PDF here.

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Think Madison Avenue 1959. Guys, scrounge up those skinny ties and fedoras. Gals, take a cue from MadMen’s mid-century fashions. Check out the thrift stores or your parents’ attic to uncover fashion gems from the era. Think of it not a costume party, but a tribute to the styles of the late 50s. As an incentive, all retro-fashions will be awarded a drink coupon and a special award will be given to the best male & female get-up.

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