ADDY Photo Gallery

Hello ADDY Award show attendees!

Hope you all had a great ADDY experience this year. We sure did.
We hope to have the winning work posted to the AAFCM website within a few days.

In the meantime, thought you might want to check out the web photo gallery of the headshots taken by John and Justin of ACG Productions after the show in the awards room. They've posted a gallery here:

John says he's happy to send out high-rez files of the photos, so if you'd like a copy, note the file name of the image  (just below the large image in the gallery, starts with ACG1004_) and email him from the link in the top right of the gallery. ACG Productions donated their time, equipment, and creativity so be sure to say thanks - and consider them or any of the other local AAFCM member photographers to photograph your next project.

Be looking for an update to soon.

Rick Jensen and Cory Hollenhorst