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Do It Your Damn Self

The CFE poster is your canvas. The signature ADDY® shape your subject. The rest is up to your imagination. For this year’s ADDY’s we invite you to conjure up an original creation with the same measurements (using paint, photos, mud, whatever); use the poster as a template or stencil; sculpt or build something that matches its dimensions if you want. Or, download a PDF template and create something entirely digital. Whatever your vision - just do it your damn self. Whatever you create may then be used to build the rest of the ADDY campaign (invite, show presentation, winners book, etc.).

Submit art as a digital file or photo (high resolution, 300 DPI, JPEG or PDF) to before the Saturday, December 15th due date so it can be integrated into the campaign. This is an optional, just-for-fun contest where separate prizes will be awarded. Questions? Contact Lindsay, 605-354-2578.


The ADDYs® are the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 50,000 entries every year in local ADDY competitions. The mission of the ADDY competition is to recognize and reward creative excellence in the art of advertising.

Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), our local ADDY Awards are the first of a three-tier, national competition. Concurrently, all across the country, local entrants vie for recognition as the very best in their markets. At the second tier, local winners compete against other winning entries in one of 14 district competitions. District winners are then forwarded to the third tier, the national ADDY Awards competition. Entry in this local ADDY competition is the first step toward winning a national ADDY!

Entering the ADDY competition supports our entire industry, because the AAF and its local and district affiliates use the proceeds to enhance advertising through programs such as public service, internships, advocacy groups, advertising education, and consumer awareness.

The most creative entries in each category are selected via a scoring process in which a panel of judges evaluates all creative dimensions of every entry. A Gold ADDY® recognizes the highest level of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in the competition. A Silver ADDY® recognizes entries that are also considered outstanding and worthy of recognition. The number of awards given in each category is determined by the judges, based on the relative quality of work in that category.

How to Enter/Submit


All work entered in the ADDY competition must have first appeared in the media between January 1 and December 31, 2012. Work entered must have been the result of paid creative services and media placement in the normal course of business, with the exception of Public Service Advertising; Advertising for the Arts; Advertising Industry Self Promotion categories and all student entries. Entries must be submitted in the CBSA, DMA or MSA of the entrant (as defined by Arbitron or Nielsen for your local market) of the entrant.

Copyright infringement and/or plagiarism (be it intentional or unintentional) will result in the disqualification and, if applicable, removal of awards from any entry deemed in violation. All entry fees will be forfeited.

How to enter

All entrants must register and submit entries for the 2013 ADDY season through the AAF ADDY competition site. Through this system you will:

  1. Create a Username Name and Password.
  2. Add, Review and Upload Entry Files.
  3. Review and Print Manifest Form.
  4. Review and Print All Entry Forms.

Be sure to review the category list to find where your work should compete, and follow the simple drop down menus to enter your information. Make sure you credit the members of your creative team, so that they will be recognized properly. When completing each page of information, be sure to SAVE before moving onto the next page.

Important note: Once you “Finalize Entry” on the last step of your entry, you will no longer be able to edit that entry. You can leave it “incomplete” until you’ve entered all of your entries satisfactorily and then “finalize” at the very end of your submittal process.

Digital Asset Requirement (NEW FOR 2013!)

All entries will require a digital upload. Print entries will be judged from the hard copy and PDFs will be used only for the show and winner’s book. However all video and audio assets must be submitted as digital uploads only via the online ADDY software. DVDs and CDs are NO LONGER ACCEPTED (except in Categories 40 A, B & C), and will not be judged. In every case, the digital filename MUST include the entire ADDY Entry number in this format: XX-XX-XXXXXX. You will get an entry number in the first stage of the entry process and will need to change your file names accordingly.

Manifest Form

After filling out entry forms online for each of your entries, you will be required to sign a Manifest Form, listing all of your entries. This form states that by signing below you:

  1. Verify that the above information is accurate.
  2. Acknowledge that proper rights were obtained for use of any elements of the entry that were not original.
  3. Agree to submit documentation deemed necessary for review.
  4. Release the entry for Internet, broadcast and/or print (allow reuse of material).
  5. Verify that the entry was created within the local MSA of the competition.

Mounting and Submitting Instructions

When you’ve completed your online entry forms and your Manifest Form through the AAF competition site, then please follow these handy-dandy instructions for mounting, submitting, and paying for your entries.

Read carefully as guidelines have changed! For each entry, you will need to supply:

Except in Categories 40 A, B & C (Multimedia DVD), the CD/DVD component is no longer required. A digital upload will be required when registering your entry online. (Before uploading, ensure that the file has been properly named, using the ADDY Entry Number in this format: XX-XX-XXXXXX. When uploading multiple files in an entry (campaigns), append the file names ‘-1’ ‘-2’ etc. The File Name MUST include the ADDY entry number that you receive from the entry system!!!

Submission of entries acknowledges the right of the AAF to use them for publication, exhibition and marketing of the ADDY show.

Prepare the Envelope & Entry

Two copies of the physical entry and two copies of the entry form must be placed inside an appropriately-sized transparent, plastic envelope (found in most office supply stores and catalogs). Insert two copies of the entry form securely inside the envelope behind the physical entry. The physical entry should be all that is seen. Firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of the entry.

If a three-dimensional (3-D) item is small enough, place inside the envelope, as described above. The entry number label should be securely attached to the bottom of the entry. Insert two copies of the entry form inside the envelope.

If the 3-D item is too large to fit inside an envelope, enclose the item inside an appropriately sized box. Secure the entry number to the top of the box in the upper right-hand corner. An entry number label should also be affixed to the bottom of the piece for identification. Spray-mount the entry form to the bottom of the box and place a second copy of the entry form inside the box.

Campaign entries may be handled in the same manner as above, placing the campaign inside an appropriately-sized envelope. Label each piece with an entry number on the back in the upper right-hand corner. Indentify on each label “1 of 2” or “2 of 2”, etc. Include an extra copy of the entry form inside the envelope.

All components of a Mixed Media campaign must be entered together in an appropriately sized envelope. Label each component with an entry number and include the total components for each campaign, (1 of 9, 2 of 9, 3 of 9, etc.).

No information identifying the entrant should appear on the face of an entry.

Campaign Entries

A SINGLE MEDIUM campaign is no less than two and no more than four total pieces in the entry. A MIXED/MULTIPLE MEDIA campaign has two or more executions spread over two or more media. There must be a minimum of two media used, but no more than six. There can be no more than four ads per medium, with a maximum number of nine total pieces in the entry.

Broadcast, Audio Visual or Computer Presentation Entries

All video and audio assets for ADDY Awards entries must be submitted as digital uploads via the online ADDY software. DVDs and CDs are NO LONGER ACCEPTED (except in Categories 40 A, B & C), and will not be judged. Acceptable digital formats for video are, .mov, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv and audio files are .mp3, .wav, .wma. File uploads are limited to 100mb for video and 5mb for audio.

This entry procedure applies for all TV commercials, radio commercials, infomercials, webisodes, Internet commercials, digital summaries for non-traditional, mobile app and integrated campaign categories. In every case, the digital filename MUST include the entire ADDY Entry number in this format: XX-XX-XXXXXX.

All entries containing video and audio assets must also submit an entry form HARD COPY prior to your club’s published ADDY deadline to ensure eligibility. Follow the online entry directions to print and submit your entry forms after uploading is complete.

Video sales presentations and infomercial entries must submit an edited representative content of NO MORE THAN five minutes in length. The edited entry must be uploaded as a digital video file.

Digital Advertising

For Website and all online entries, submit the URL addresses. For multiple URLs in a campaign category entry, create a webpage that contains each of the individual links and provide the single URL to your newly created page, i.e.- Do not submit a URL that leads directly to a “swf” file.

Judging will be done online, using the URL whenever possible. URLs should not require any username or password for access. In cases where this already exists, the entrant should create an independent URL. URLs, banners and menus must not contain any references to the entrant.

For Disk-Based Sales Packages, submit on CD/DVD. Do not submit executable files that will attempt to install a program on the judging computer(s). Executable files cannot be judged and will be disqualified without reimbursement of entry fees.

Mount to Black Board

All entries must be mounted on a 16” by 16” piece of black board (crescent board or similar — no foam core board please). These boards will be used to present all the entries at the AAF - Central MN ADDY Awards event. In some cases, such as 3-dimensional entries, a presentation table will be made available for viewing purposes. All boards must be labeled on the back side with a copy of your online entry form. Click here to order a ADDY kit.

If you are entering a campaign, you may use two 16” by 16” boards — please be sure both boards are labeled with the entry forms.

Pay for Entries

After filling out entry forms online for each of your entries, you will be required to print and sign a Manifest Form, listing all of your entries. You must submit that form in an envelope delivered with your entries. Payments can be made via check in that same envelope (made payable to: AAFCM) or with a credit card through the competition site (using PayPal).

Single Entry (Member)................................................... $50.00
Single Entry (Non- Member)......................................... $80.00
Campaign Entry (Member)............................................ $90.00
Campaign Entry (Non- Member).................................. $140.00

Entry fees – Student Single Entry.................................. $35.00
Campaign Entry............................................................... $40.00

Delivery Forms and Mounted Entries

The deadline for entries is noon (12PM), Thursday, January 17, 2013. After preparing your entries in the manner outlined above, deliver them before the deadline to one of the following:

Creative Memories
ATTN: Greg or Corinne Skoog
6402 8th Ave S
St. Cloud, MN 56301

Impartium Digital Marketing
ATTN: Kristie Haubrich
108 Doctors Park
St. Cloud, MN 56303

ATTN: Kelsey Krucker
330 Hwy 10 S.
St. Cloud, MN 56304

Since you must enter a local ADDY competition to be eligible for district competition, it is important that you do not miss this deadline!

All entries must


Only work that has won a Gold or Silver ADDY in a local competition will be eligible for entry into the district competitions. Only work that has won a Gold or Silver ADDY in a district competition will be eligible for entry into the national ADDY competition.

If an entry wins a Gold ADDY at the local competition, it will be automatically forwarded to the district competition (fees paid by AAFCentral Minnesota). If the entry wins Gold at district level, it will be forwarded to the national competition (fees paid by the 8th District). If your entry is awarded a Silver ADDY at the local OR district level, you have the option of competing at the next level. If you choose to do so, you must pay the $75 entry fee in order to be forwarded.

Return of entries is NOT guaranteed. Comps, original photographs, illustrations, etc., all become the property of the AAF and will not be returned.


The Student ADDY Awards is also a three-tier national competition, which is sponsored by the AAF and National Ad 2. Occurring in conjunction with the ADDY Awards, the Student ADDY Awards recognize and reward creative excellence by students.

All work submitted in the Student ADDY Competition is subject to the same rules, processes, guidelines and submission requirements as the professional entries and competition – all previously mentioned. (Note: Work created for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) will be eligible for entry into the Student ADDYs in the year following their presentation.)

In addition to this information, please note the following:

Student Eligibility

Student Forwarding

All student entries that receive a Gold award will be forwarded to the district and national competition at no cost to the student. Entries that receive a Silver award may advance to the district or national competition by paying the applicable $20 entry fee.

Sincere “thanks” go to the following businesses who made this call to entries and marketing of the event possible through their generous donations:

Printing by Continental Press.
Concept, design and writing by ADVENTURE.
Web and e-mail campaign by Meta13.

Questions can be directed to ADDY Co-Chairs:
Anita Hollenhorst -, 320-493-2240 or
Amy Imdieke -, 320-420-7023

Categories & Rules

Click the image below to download the entire category list and official AAF rules for entries. This will guide you to submit your work in the proper categoriesa and assure you've met the entry requirements.




Forward Your Entry

So You've Won An Award, Now What?!

For professionals...

If your entry won a Gold ADDY at our local show, it will be automatically forwarded to the district competition with fees paid by AAF-Central Minnesota. Should the entry win Gold again at District level, it will be forwarded to the national competition with fees paid by the 8th District.

If your entry was awarded a Silver ADDY at the local or District level, you have won the right to compete at the next level. To forward your entry to the District competition, please submit the form below. A fee of $75 per entry will cover your cost for competing at this next level.

For students...

With student entries we have adopted an amended auto-forwarding process. All Gold winning work will be forwarded to the district and national competition at no cost to you. Silver winning work may advance to the district or national competition by paying an entry fee of $20 per entry.

Requests and payments to forward Silver ADDYs to the 8th District Competition must be received by Friday, February 22nd. Questions can be directed to Anita Hollenhorst, 320-493-2240.

The District 8 ADDY judging will take place in mid-March and an awards event will be held in Minneapolis on Friday, April 12. For more details, visit

Your Information:

Entry Title:

Student: Pro:

Student: Pro:

Student: Pro:

Student: Pro:

Student: Pro:

Student: Pro:


Awards Show

ADDY® Award ceremony will take place on Saturday, February 9th, 2012 at the Paramount Theatre, Saint Cloud. Viewing of work, hors d'oeuvres & drinks will begin at 6:00 PM. The awards show and ceremony begin at 7:30 PM.

Online ticket sales have closed. However, tickets can still be purchase at the Paramount on the night of the event! $50 per professional/family member & $30 per student

Are you ready to " Do It Your Damn Self" at the ADDYs on Saturday, February 9th? We encourage you to start with your attire for this great event.

Check out these awesome DIY sites for some inspiration:

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to the following businesses who are helping to make this year's event possible their generous support:

Corporate Sponsors


Promotional Sponsors

1Better Continental Creative Memories
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