It's not who you are
it's what you've accomplished.

Who: You and Your Fellow Ad Scouts
What: Central Minnesota's 2017 American Advertising Awards (AKA: ADDYs)
When: February 11th, 2017 @ 6:00 P.M for Socializing, and @ 7:30 P.M. for the Program
Where: Regency Plaza in Downtown St. Cloud
How: Buy tickets for fun! Submit entries to win.

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Scroll through this Ad Scout Handbook to learn more.

Ad Scouts Have Taken the Creative Oath

On my honor I'll do my best, to submit the work where creativity exceeds the rest.

What is an Ad Scout?

It's someone who stands out, yet belongs. It's someone who has the courage to overcome steep project parameters. It's someone who is prepared to be creative, yet effective. And it's someone who goes above and beyond in the dedication department—determined to learn new things in order to get great results and create fresh content.

Officially, it's someone who has joined the American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota—which is a great way to earn awards for the creative deeds you've done this past year.

Ad Scouts Work Hard to Earn Their Merit Badges


All work entered in the American Advertising Awards competition must have first appeared in the media between January 1 and December 31, 2016. Work entered must have been the result of paid creative services and media placement in the normal course of business, with the exception of Public Service Advertising; Advertising for the Arts; Advertising Industry Self-Promotion categories, and all student entries. Entries must be submitted in the CBSA, DMA, or MSA of the entrant (as defined by Arbitron or Nielsen for your local market).

Copyright infringement and/or plagiarism (be it intentional or unintentional) will result in the disqualification and, if applicable, removal of awards from any entry deemed in violation. All entry fees will be forfeited.

Click the links below to download the entire category list and official AAF rules for entries. This will guide you to submit your work in the proper categories and assure you've met the entry requirements.

Professional Categories Student Categories


Watch our video for information about submitting, mounting and delivering your entries!


You will be directed to the competition site to register as an entrant.

  1. Start the entry process by clicking through the professional or student portal.
  2. Create a username and password.
  3. Review the category list to find where your work should compete.
  4. Add, review and upload entries.
  5. Make sure you credit the members of your creative team, so they will be properly recognized.
  6. After you finalize your entry and process your payment, please review and print Manifest and entry forms.

Important note: Once you checkout and select your payment choice, you will no longer be able to edit your entry/entries. You can add entries to your cart and process your payment once all entries are finalized at the very end of your submittal process.


Ad Scouts Can Tie Intricate Knots

Proof your copy, update your links, package your files, and watch this video.

Deciphering the instructions to submitting your materials can sound just as complex as the Fisherman's Knot. But don't worry—just be sure to take in all the details so that your entries are completed correctly. Remember, all entries are due on January 20th!


After filling out the online entry forms for each of your entries, you will be required to print and sign a Manifest Form, listing all of your entries. This form states that by signing you:

  1. Verify the information on the form is accurate.
  2. Acknowledge proper rights were obtained for use of any elements of the entry that were not original.
  3. Agree to submit documentation deemed necessary for review.
  4. Release the entry for Internet, broadcast and/or print (allow reuse of material).
  5. Verify the entry was created within the local MSA of the competition.
  6. When you've completed your online entry forms and your Manifest Form, watch our video for convenient, clear, entry preparation and mounting instructions.

We'll show you how to mount and submit your entries so they're all set for our local judging and show, as well as their journey all the way to national competition. Submission of entries acknowledges the right of the AAF to use them for publication, exhibition and marketing of the ADDY show.


Entry kits can be purchased for $5.00 at Switchboard Advertising, just ask for Andrea.

Switchboard Advertising
203 Cooper Ave N #350
St. Cloud MN 56303

Download Entry Checklist Watch Our Video

Ad Scouts Always Pay Their Dues

First pay, then play.

For just a hankie full of snacks, all the perks of Ad Scouts can be yours. Pay in full to get on the Camp Counselors' good side!


After filling out your entries online and processing your payment, you will be required to print and sign a Manifest Form, listing all of your entries. You must submit that form in an envelope delivered with your entries. Payments can be made via check in that same envelope (made payable to: AAFCM) or with a credit card through the competition site.

Professionals Students
Single Entry (AdFed Member) $50.00 $30.00
Single Entry (Non-Member) $90.00 $45.00
Campaign Entry (AdFed Member) $90.00 $40.00
Campaign Entry (Non-Member) $150.00 $60.00


  • Meet all eligibility and deadline requirements.
  • Meet all eligibly and deadline requirements.
  • Be entered in the correct category and be correctly identified.
  • Include a complete entry form, signed manifest form, and payment in full (either via check or online payment).
  • Conform to defined submission requirements and all copyright laws.

Ad Scouts Are Never Late

As Some Troop Leaders say, Punctuality is functionally.

(Pssst: Be sure to enter your creations by January 20th at 5:00 P.M.!)

After preparing your entries according to the details in this Handbook, mail or hand-deliver your entries to our Camp Counselors:

  • Leighton Interactive (Radio City Music Mall; 2nd Floor)
619 W St. Germain
    St. Cloud, MN 56301
  • Great Theatre

    710 Sundial Dr.

    Waite Park, MN 56387


Only Gold or Silver ADDY winners in a local competition will be eligible for entry into the district competition.

Only Gold or Silver ADDY winners in a district competition will be eligible for entry into the national American Advertising competition.

Local Gold ADDY winners will be automatically forwarded to the district competition (fees paid by AAF-Central Minnesota). District Gold winners will be forwarded to the national competition (fees paid by District 8). Silver ADDY winners at the local OR district level have the option of competing at the next level. If you choose to do so, you must pay a $75 entry fee.

Return of entries is NOT guaranteed. Comps, original photographs, illustrations, etc., all become the property of the AAF and will not be returned.

Junior Ad Scouts Are Just as Brave

We value our Scouts-In-Training and love see their creativity! Because they are the future of the industry, all Ad Scouts are sure to support them in full.


The Student American Advertising Awards is also a three-tier national competition, which is sponsored by the AAF and National Ad 2. Occurring in conjunction with the American Advertising Awards, the Student Awards recognize and reward creative excellence by students.

All work submitted in the Student American Advertising Award Competition is subject to the same rules, processes, guidelines and submission requirements as the professional entries and competition – all previously mentioned. (Note: Work created for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) will be eligible for entry into the Student American Advertising Awards in the year following their presentation.)

In addition to this information, please note the following:


Applicants must be enrolled full or part-time in an accredited U.S. educational institution. Work may be developed specifically for this competition or submitted from previous projects or competitions. Work developed for paying clients will not be accepted with the exception of work created by clubs as fundraisers or work created for student publications.

Work must be created while entrant is a student not employed in the advertising industry. Student intern work is eligible if it is not used by or paid for by a client. Work developed for paying clients will not be accepted with the exception of work created for clubs as a fundraiser or work created for student publications. Entries may be entered into only one local Student American Advertising Awards competition, which is determined by the location of the school at which the work was created. If an affiliated competition does not exist in the CBSA, DMA or MSA, the district will direct the entrant to the nearest affiliated competition. Recent graduates are eligible to enter as long as the entry was created while a student during the 2017 calendar year and the entry meets all other requirements.


Students receiving a Gold award will be forwarded to the district and national competition at no cost to the student. Entries receiving a Silver award may advance to the district or national competition by paying a $20 entry fee.

Ad Scouts Salute Their Troop Leaders

Let's give a give big round of applause to this year's supporters!

Thank you to the following businesses who have made this call for entries and the marketing of this event possible through their generous donations:

  • Printing by Continental Press
  • Concept, design, and writing by Agency 128
  • Website and email campaign by Meta13

If you have any questions regarding your Ad Scout dues, khaki apparel, or how to sew on your badges, please get in contact with our gracious Camp Counselors:

Sarah Forystek - - 320-761-7975

Andrea Englemeyer - - 320-293-5853

Alison Schroeder - - 320-260-2901

Looking forward to seeing you at the big Ad Scouts Jubilee!