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A Marketer, Maker, & Picture Taker: Join us for the 2019 Hustle Hour

Hustle Hour

Hustle Hour 2019

Do you have a dream to start your own business? Do you have a million questions about where to begin? Are you obsessed with Guy Raz’s How I Built This podcast or other stories about building a business? Do you wish you had the opportunity to ask a successful entrepreneur what it takes, the lessons they have learned along the way, the ups, the downs, and everything else in between?

AFF Central Minnesota will be hosting our 2nd annual Hustle Hour Event on Monday, September 16th from 5 to 7 pm at Bad Habit Brewery in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Join us to hear from an impressive panel of some of Central Minnesota’s finest entrepreneurs. They are the hustlers, the dreamers, the doers. The ones who weren’t afraid to follow their dreams and create their own legacy. You’ll learn all about their journey of starting a successful business from the ground up and hopefully walk away with fuel to add to your fire.

We are very excited about the panelists who agreed to join us this year. These three entrepreneurs cast away their doubts and worked hard to become experts in their own respective areas. We have a marketer, a maker, and a picture taker making this one of our most dynamic panels yet. Read more about Ashley, Luke, and Mariah and hear them tell their stories of triumph and failure on September, 16th.

Ashley Green:

Ashley Green of Green Thumb Etc. got her start as an artist from a very young age. She got her professional start in artistry as a floral designer in 2009, and as her passions evolved, so did her career. She fell in love with the puzzle of furniture, began her business with accent seating in 2013, and grew her product line in 2018 to include wedding and event floral. She now spends her days immersed in her craft of unique furniture reupholster, creating beautiful bridal arrangements, and living her best life. You can find her work at or on Instagram @greenthumbetc

Luke Riordan:

Luke Riordan is the CEO and Founder of DAYTA Marketing. DAYTA Marketing opened in 2012. Since then DAYTA has grown from a team of 2 to 32 and counting. With a large team of experienced marketing and digital recruitment professionals, DAYTA’s consultative approach has created over 150 subscription-clients who partner with DAYTA to help their organizations grow. Luke also serves as a Board Member of Big Brother Big Sisters of Central Minnesota and is chair of the Talent Committee at the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation. Luke earned his degree from Saint John’s University in 2011 and lives with his wife, Karli, and his two sons in Sartell, Minnesota.

Mariah Elise:

Mariah Elise is a wedding and portrait photographer based in South Dakota. She travels regularly through the Midwest and beyond. Mariah is a tomboy at heart and used to love playing down by the swamp and most days would come home barefoot, covered head to toe in dirt. She picked up a camera long before she ever realized she would become a photographer. Some of her favorite moments were ones she captured as a child. When she realized she was documenting the in-between moments of her own life, she felt called to do the same for others.

Grab a friend, a fellow lover of business-owners and hustlers, and join us for an evening of learning, discovery, and fun!

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