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2018 American Advertising Awards Recap + Thank you

Well Central Minnesota,

Now that we’ve taken (I’ve taken…) a couple weeks since the American Advertising Awards to get our final ducks in a row I wanted to write a special thank you, to YOU!

We did it! Another year of working hard. Another year of booked calendars and caffeine. Another year of “Make the logo bigger” and “Can you combine all three options.” What a spectacular evening celebrating the most important guest: the work.

We had over 250 entries. We awarded 38 Gold ADDY Awards and 62 Silver ADDY Awards between professionals and students.

All entries that won Gold have been forwarded to the District Level. Those of you that chose to forward your Silver entries have also been forwarded. Check and check!

Hopefully, you were able to watch the special Judge’s videos. If you haven’t, check those out on our Facebook Page, give us a like, invite your friends.

Finally, one last thank you to all of the people that made this show happen: Thank you to Adventure Creative, DMR, Guytano Magno, Meta13, Screen Time Indoor Billboards, FastSigns, Image Builders, Rengel Printing and Signmax.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for next year’s show!

Now, enjoy some fun photos from one of our top 12 favorite people, Guytano Magno.

Andrea Engelmeyer
AAFCM President